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Be Resilient, Every Day.

There have been many times in my life when I have felt flat-out worthless. These feelings manifest when I come up far short of my potential and feel like I wasted time in my life that I know I cannot get back. I have allowed my mind to take over in the past, succumbing to the thoughts that overwhelm my body with a sense of fear and anxiety. This sense that everything is wrong. The reality is that this is typically far from the truth, and we must tear these thoughts apart until they lose power. It is such an easy route to allow our mind to tell us that things are over. I will never accomplish that dream, I will never feel self-worth, and I will never be the best. These thoughts are actually positive in the long term, stay with me here.

The uncomfortable thoughts we get and jittery feelings we deal with on a daily basis are nothing but a part of the battle you are fighting within, a battle that can be won if you take the right steps. The thing we must be each and every day is resilient. We mustn’t take things personally from our loved ones, strangers, or anyone for that matter. The external factors and words going on around you cannot get in the way of your goals and the work you have to do to get better at whatever you are doing in your life. I can tell you that if you do have this competitive nature in you that says you never do enough, or you will never reach your goals, you have it. You know within you that you have so much more, and it is your mind telling you that you have an inner potential that you can unlock.

The steps are clear, however, also quite difficult at the same time. I believe we need to make a plan of execution on what it is that will help us improve in whatever it is we are doing. There needs to be structure, attainable goals, as well as difficult benchmarks to push you hard every day while not getting too discouraged that things are too out of reach. You need to be relentless in your pursuit of these goals and realize that every day is a gift that you have to cherish and utilize. The champions you see on tv, in documentaries, and in movies were just normal people at one point. These resilient people get their sights set on something and take any anxieties they have, channel them, and use them to focus even harder on what they have to do on a daily basis. These people do not dwell on wins, losses, successes, or failures. They are going to sacrifice and put in the work every day and make the changes necessary in their lives to develop as a person and perfect their craft.

The fear we feel before what we view as a big moment in our lives, the loneliness we feel in times of grinding and pursuit of excellence. These feelings all have a purpose. They are beautiful even though they suck. Most importantly, on the other side of those feelings, are victories. When you lose or have a really bad day, admit it… that sucked. Learn from that mistake or if it was just a bad day, put it away and move forward to the next thing you can do that is in your control. The thing is that everything that we allow to tear us down inside can be reversed. When we push ourselves to be better, we in turn tear apart those negative thoughts. Eventually, they lose their power.

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