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Special Person In My Life Spotlight: Mary Anne Munro Kellett

Throughout my life my mom has been one of my rocks to lean on and learn from in every aspect of life. She is the most hardworking, understanding, generous and patient person I have ever met. It is no surprise that I have a solid grip on what it takes to be a kind person with a mother like her. My mother has taught me everything there is to know about being gentle soul, hearing other people out, controlling my temper and trying my best to make others feel special and important.

This woman has never felt the need to put herself first as it has always been about providing the love and energy she has to her children and husband which is one of the most admirable qualities I have seen in her. It comes as no surprise to me that she is beloved by her colleagues, close friends and all of her children’s friends due to her sweet nature and endless amount of love she provides to anyone she crosses paths with. I think that there is no doubt I have picked up a greater understanding of how to treat people and a certain sensitivity that has gave me more control. This has taught me to not act out and say things I wish I would have said, simply because it is not worth it. The thing about my mom is she carries a purposeful intent to not allow things to change who she is as a person even if the majority of people would have acted in a completely different way given the situation. I have learned to take that extra second to pause, rethink if it is really worth it and then proceed to try and deescalate a situation in order to try and make things more civil. There is oftentimes where I wish she had not instilled such a softness into her children, but at the same time I understand why she did and appreciate the discipline and adversity she went through to get us to that point.

There have been very few times where her and I have truly been in a tough spot and arguing for multiple days at a time. I think this is due to the great deal of respect and love I have for her, as well as the understanding I have for how hard she has worked in her life to allow us all to have such a wonderful life and support system on the home front. I know most people say that they have the best mom in the world and it is a major bias on my behalf, but I really could not think of a much better woman to call my mother and am so proud to be the son of such a strong woman.

The ability to be able to call her at any point in the day and know that I can tell her whatever I want with no repercussions or fear that she might make me feel bad about something is few and far between. I am grateful to have learned countless lessons from her and have no spite for the fact that she is an overprotective mother who spends a lot of her time worrying about her three boys because she worked so hard to give us the freedom to enjoy our lives and carry a sense of solidarity with her and my father. The support of my dreams I get from both of them is incredible and truly makes me feel like I deserve the world, which I imagine is not the case for some people. I cherish that every day. She has devoted the overwhelming majority of her adult life to be a mother and has it down to a science because she really is simply the best.

There is not much more I can say besides how grateful I am to have such a wonderful person as a role model, a best friend and a number one fan in my life. I don’t think she realizes how special of a person she is to so many people and anyone reading that knows Mary Anne Munro Kellett knows that she is unique, one of a kind and people like her do not come around often.

I love you mom.

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