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What really matters?

When it comes to life as a whole, I have done a lot of deep, thinking on what it is, that we actually strive for, as well as what really matters. It is my conclusion as of today, that there are very few things that truly matter. Family, your closest friends, your passion, and your health.

The things that help me realize this includes situations where I have extreme highs, like a win, or extreme lows, like us out of depression or a period of time where I feel a little bit lost. it is in these times that you figure out who is really there for you and who you must cherish more than you already are. I always wonder why people don’t seem to see if I’m feeling down or if I am really in the mood to talk, and I question myself internally on whether these people really care about me. The thing about the closest people in your lives, however, is that these people seem to always know. My best friends and my family know when I’m not doing my best, and also want to share my joy when I am coming off of a great high in my life, it is in this fact that I found what truly matters in life. I believe we all want to feel comfortable, and confident; a sense of belonging. We all have different ways of feeling like this, and we all have certain vices that allow us to feel such ways, but it is in these people in our lives that give us his feelings without any effort.

There is always going to be something better in any aspect of your life. A nicer car, perhaps, or a bigger house, or a newer phone, or maybe even someone that you would rather hang out with and who you are with at the moment. But we have to find value and be grateful for whomever or whatever it is that we do have because we really never know when it can all be stripped away and we also do not understand how much we have compared to others around us. I am the furthest thing from rich when it comes to monetary funds, but I find very little stress in that anymore, because the only things I really truly look forward to our working on my passion, spending valuable time with my family and friends, and being the best person I can be in this lifetime.

I believe strongly that money is one of the most overrated possessions in life. I think that, although it is wonderful to be able to provide a nicer life for yourself, and those around you, you can only be rich in life when you are healthy, and truly comfortable with yourself. More importantly, you are grateful for everything you have around you, and the closest people in your life know how much you love and care for them.

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