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Win Something Every Day and You’ll Never Truly Lose.

I will start this blog off with a quick story about this topic as it pertains to my own life. As I write this blog, I have covid and have been cooped up for three days in my room. This is now the third, maybe even fourth time that I have had covid throughout this pandemic. This particular time has been more difficult because I really only felt sick for one day and have felt fine the rest of the time. In the past couple of experiences, I just sat and sat and sat and complained about going stir crazy and things I could not really control. This made the escape from quarantine that much sweeter, but I basically wasted five days of my life for no good reason. This time around I was not going to let that happen. I have done many little things; cut the grass, cleaned all my golf gear, walked the dog, written multiple blogs, done some putting, ran 11k, etc.

I have learned that it is so easy to complain and just sit there. It feels almost like someone is going to praise you for resting and being civilized, for doing what most people would and sufficing with the mediocrity of that. I am not searching for validation for doing a bunch of small things as I am fully aware people do way more than this on a daily basis. I used this scenario I am in to show the importance of trying to win something every day. It is not about the size of the victory and it is not about the praise you may get from it. It is about getting yourself used to doing difficult things and keeping your mind focused on productive things, this way you are always prepared to go to war with whatever challenge lies in front of you.

There is never any finish line in life. The lesson I am learning is that we push ourselves harder and harder to get to a certain point and then think it is okay to chill out for a while and take some time off. Winning things in life is a constant and involves doing things that make you feel accomplished in whatever it is you are passionate about. It is vital to our own sanity and to becoming a winner in this world. There will always be certain times where rest is required and celebration feels like a necessity, so go ahead and celebrate. Life is about enjoyment, but we cannot reserve this enjoyment only for the end of long journeys and winning competitions. This sort of winning can come in so many forms and at many different times in our lives, it can even happen multiple times on the same day. That is what we should be chasing, not just the parties or the trophies. Those things are great and all, but when we do not get these things, we should not feel like losers. I can say I am a winner if I won something TODAY, no matter how small, no one can take that away from me.

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