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  • Division 1 golfer at Eastern Michigan University.

  • Played division 2 golf at Young Harris College in 2018 before transferring to University of Nevada the following year and then ending up at Eastern Michigan University.

  • Created this website as a platform to share experiences and battles I have faced with mental health in a more vulnerable way so others can see it is okay to not be okay.

  • Sharing my journey through previous years of collegiate golf and into my professional golf career.

  • I will be using 10% of my earnings from my merchandise to buy meals and necessities for homeless people as that is one of my passions. 

I have gained more control of my mental health by realizing that it is not about anyone in the world but you. It is you vs. you every single day and we must stop comparing in order to focus on making a little bit of progress each day, enabling us to do things we did not know we were capable of. That is the real dream, pushing ourselves daily and holding each other accountable. 

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