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Community Impact

This part of my site is a showcase of people I have been able to help with the contributions from those who have graciously chosen to support me and some of my own money. I have a passion for helping the homeless and could not imagine being in that situation; therefore, I try my best to help where I can. I will be donating whenever I can with 10% of my profits to homeless individuals and giving the rest to local warming centers or shelters. 

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First Trip 

This is Kevin. I was able to buy him about 40 dollars worth of stuff using the profits made off of my merchandise and help him out for a little while.

Second Run

This time around I used about seventy dollars from the contributions and went back to Kevin, a local homeless man here in Ypsilanti. I let him have whatever he needed and donated the rest to a local warming center. 

IMG_3535 2.JPG

Local Warming Center

IMG_3538 2.PNG

This article notes the local warming center: one of the other options I will be using to donate needed goods to outside of meeting and donating to people myself. 

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