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It is what it is.

I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes things just do not workout the way we envisioned. It is so easy to get caught up with the stress of life and all of the things we each have going on. I have learned the hard way that it is not until a moment has passed in which we were so caught up with something negative that happened to take that moment for what it is, accept it and embrace whatever happened. I learned this many times over this past season at college. I did not play near my potential many times and got so caught up with my own anger and disappointment in myself that I lost the ability to be present and enjoy the experience with my teammates.

Worrying is simply a misuse of the imagination. All too often I will let myself and my imagination run wild to the point where I am so caught up in a figment of my imagination that I cannot see the beauty in any of it. My journey in golf, life and how lucky I am to have the people in my life as well as the opportunities that present themselves. I am someone who likes to have control in situations and this can be a heavy weight on my back when I am faced with some adversity or when things do not pan out. I have gotten better at trying to have fun and enjoy the times on and off the golf course regardless of my results or whatever is coming up. This is something that is so easy to struggle with because we cannot control what has already happened nor what it about to happen. Letting things happen naturally in life can be a tall task and one that brings a lot of anxiety. The biggest thing I have learned comes from simply letting it be what it is. This means to let each moment as crappy or amazing as it was be without attaching too much emotion or judgement to it.

I do this by getting back to focusing on my breath, slowly and mindfully and trying my best to trust in my ability, to trust that things are going to be okay when I am on and off the golf course. This is a daily struggle of mine and one I wish I did not have to deal with because it would be a lot nicer to just live life going through the motions and being cool with whatever is going on. I am a very competitive and fiery person and I have learned that this is not a curse. It is a blessing in disguise because it allows me to push myself and never be satisfied. That being said there comes a time where you must sit back and reflect on things that have happened in your life and instead of beating yourself up about it, simply laugh it off and accept it for what it is. Life is meant to be lived with a purpose and to be enjoyed knowing that every day is not always going to be a great day. It is what it is.

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