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Welcome the Best Version of You.

Updated: Apr 26

Why is it that we continually shut the part of ourselves down that knows how great we are? It is not that we do not have belief in ourselves, I do not buy that for a second. It is that we choose to not accept and welcome the side of us that knows how great we are and needs no reminder of it because that part of us loves any challenge. They live for it, breathe it in and out, simply not caring how they are portrayed to others. I challenge you today to say farewell to this younger version of you that has tried so hard to protect you from harm and sabotaged you because they were scared of how great you would become and how you might forget about them.

Welcome the version of you that walks around with a quiet confidence and believes in themselves regardless of what their inner critic might shout at them and regardless of who they used to be. We get so attached to this negative image of ourselves that we frame in our mind, the one created by this part of us who is afraid to fail, over-protective, self-sabatoging, nervous and insecure. This part wants nothing to do with us believing in ourselves and choosing to have a positive attitude in life regardless of how tough things may get. That part of us is something we should thank; thank for getting us to where we are, protecting us when danger is perceived and for trying its best with the little trust it had in you. Welcome a different version of you that believes in you fully, all of the time and when those old parts pop up, you may quiet them down with compassion and control so you can get back to enjoying your life. Be content in situations that used to make you feel overwhelmed. Be compassionate with yourself, curious with new emotions instead of badgering yourself for feeling that way. Finally, be there for yourself when things start to spiral in your life instead of being the first one to put yourself down.

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